GD Mead Gives Blessing to New Channel

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GD Mead Gives Blessing to New Channel

G D Mead has advised that his channel “A Foreigner Telling Truth In Philippines would be placed into recess.
Doc Lowe, who was a regular contributor, has now continuing his videos on a new channel called “Exposing Expat Scammers Philippines”.
Below is a video from GD Meads Channels explaining all this.

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  1. This is actually not 100% correct. I told Doc some things not kowing he was lying to me thru his teeth and I didn’t find out till later that he was indeed–lying to me about this channel and how it all came about. So, that being said I can categorically state I reject this video here as it was made with out the full knowledge of the true situation. It was nothing more than a giant back stabbing.