Andy Sumisu

"Sumisu" ("スミス") is "Smith" in Japanese.


This is a Troll and a Troll account. Andy Sumisu is not this persons real name , nor can the photo be verified as a search shows it up as being a stock photo on one of the free photo websites.

Unfortunately, this Keyboard Warrior is just another gutless person who hides behind false name and false identity.

He makes out he is in Cordova, Cebu, But inquiries among expats there reveal that no one has ever heard of or seen him.

Going by his comments he is a great supporter of the Brian Granville Smith YouTube Channels which shows what the what sort of person he is by company he keeps.

He has also made several pathetic attempts at making videos himself, with none even getting 100 views.

Anyone who believes anything this person says, be it at your own peril.

Mr Anonymous, that’s who you are, your opinions are just those of a meaningless TROLL.

Our advice is, If you come across this troll in comments etc, Just report him to YouTube.


Update: 18 July 2021
A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines has even Banned him from that channel


This is an extract from A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines Livestream titles “Good Morning From The Philippines

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