Brian the Dreamer

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Brian the Dreamer

YouTube Name: A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines

So Mr Brian Smith says he has always had a dream of owning a farm in the Philippines which he has achieved (His words). and to have a burger bar named “Kanos Burgers”.
I must have slipped Mr IQ 160 mans notice. But there is already a duly registered and operating business in the Philippines of that Name.
As he is such a financial wizard, perhaps he is going to make a takeover bid for this existing establishment.
Well that is the only way he is going to fulfil the second part of his dream.

Yes, that’s all it is, a dream, He hasn’t even fulfilled his ambition of having a farm in the Philippines.
Because, there is now way on Gods earth that the Bohvol can be classified as a “Farm”.

Just more lies and deciet from the failed farmer.


See Kanos Burgers on Facebook here

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