New 13A Spousal Visa Check List

This was received from the Bureau Of Immigration on the 12th August 2021 You will note that it no longer lists “Means of Support “which their own website and previous documents did. Return ExpatsForums wishes to advise you that, articles, Media, videos etc are the property of the creator and we thank them for their contribution and […]

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13a Visa Requirements Update

We have listed below a couple of emails to and from the BOI about how to go about obtaining a 13a Visa. It now appears that the requirements for the probationary 13a have been relaxed. (see Here) If you look at the dates you will see that this information only days old. Go to the […]

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BOI Inconsistencies

BOI Inconsistencies BOI Inconsistencies Hello Sir Geoff & Expats Team, It is me again, Madeline from Moal Boal.I have put together some concerns I have about how the Bureau Of Immigration appears to be handling the obtaining of a 13A Visa in the Philippines. This was prompted after reading the comments on a YouTube Video […]

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