Taking A Break

Thanks to the lifting of the travel restrictions, we will now be taking a well deserved break and will be traveling back to to the Philippines to spend some quality time with our extended families and aquaintences  in Manila, Tarlac, Angeles City and Cebu.We will therefore be at the mercy of the Philippines Internet so […]

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Comments and Spam

Due to the huge amount of spam emails we have to deal with each day, we have reluctlently decided to turn off all comments until we return from our vacation.Perhaps a harsh measure, but we simply will not have the time to deal with it. Be back early August. heers Return ExpatsForums wishes to advise […]

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Emails Referred to In GD Meads Rant on 30th October 21

YouTube Name: A foreigner Telling Truth in Philippines Recently Geoff Mead went on a rant on his YouTube Channel with allegations that he said was the truth and was quoting Emails that we had exchanged. Well so much for his ethics by divulging the contents of emails between two people to a worldwide audience. We […]

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The E-Begging Hot Potato?

YouTube Name: A British Expat In The Philippines Here is a video dealing with Vlogging in the Philippines. It is an interesting and alternative view to what has normally been portrayed Please click on the YouTube Link so that the creator gains the “Adsense” As we always say “You Be To Judge” Return E Begging Hot […]

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Vale Kenneth Thomson

Kenneth William Thomson https://youtu.be/rdtx-pxjX8A In the memory of Kenneth William Thomson 4 october 1937 to 12 July 2021 It is with profound sadness that the Expats Forums Team announces the passing of Ken Thomson, peacefully after a short illness on July 12, 2021 at 04:10, at the home of his eldest daughter in Adams County, Ohio, USA, at the […]

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James and Jessica

YouTube Name: A Foreigners Life in the Philippines We have recieved quite a bit of correspondence about this couple and their relationship with Terrence and Beth Martin from Bohol. There has been many allegations made to us about the Validity of James’s Visa to Working without the correct paperwork. If you have any information that […]

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Expats Website Update

Just a quick update on what is happening here at EXPATSFORUMS. We have taken the advice of you, our viewers and will now be making this site cell phone friendly.The reason we haven’t done this previously is that as a forum (our original concept) everyone accessed us by PC or Tablet.So the work that was […]

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