New Channel Censoring Comments?

New Channel Censoring Comments?

YouTube Name: Exposing Expat Scammers Philippines

We have received several emails advising us that the new channel
“Exposing Expat Scammers Philippines” is censoring comments as they are not appearing.
They have come to as asking this as this channel does not have any contact details published.
Which we think is a strange way of operating, but it is their channel and their choice.

We do have the contact details of the operators of this channel but are not prepared to make it public at this stage.

We would like anyone that is having similar issues, to contact us and we shall forward these on to them and see if we can get an answer or get the issue corrected.

The Expats Team

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  1. I find it ironic this channel is wholesale accusing everyone of fraud regarding their online figures while at the same time hiding every statistic of their own channel ??? No subscribers listed anywhere?? Why?? Is it because there are so few? Comments and likes and views are in my opinion grossly inflated as you can see the main comments are all from the channel members chatting with each other and NOTE, any other comments are from ID’s miraculously created in the last month? This channel is a mere shadow of the original telling people to look for discrepancies in its target while, quite frankly, doing the same themselves. Remember, THE OPERATORS OF THAT CHANNEL CLEARLY ADMITTED BUYING SUBS AND VIEWS FOR THE ORIGINAL CHANNEL BEHIND THE CREATOR’S BACK. You be the judge.