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All Adsense and Superchat monies raised by GD Mead and his supporters have been donated to a legally registered Philippines Charity – “Defeating Poverty Through Oppertunity”.
Below is where the funds wre spent
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Where the Adsense and Superchat Funds Went

Help Us Close Down Boss Hog Proposed Draft Letter

 We now have a draft letter for you to copy and paste or use as a guide for your own letter

As a concerned netizen I wish to raise awareness of a foreigner who is raising fish for commercial purposes on his property without the required permits as stated in the Republic Act No. 8550 Under SEC. 57
I ask these questions:-

  • Is there a registration of the fish hatcheries and private fishponds?
  • Has the hatchery and the private fish ponds been registered with the LGU and compliance with the prescribed minimum standards?
  • Has the Department conducted a yearly inventory of the fish ponds?
  • Has the annual report been submitted to the department the type of species and volume? 


Other Concerns:
As a netizen I am deeply concerned that Brian Smith of Tanghaligue, Talibon, Bohol
is operating a private fish hatchery and private fish ponds without the consideration of affects on the local water resources, including local well water contamination and contamination of local rice rice fields all effected by the water exchange process.
As a netizen I am also concerned over the usage of local water supplies from the deeping well on the property bring used for commercial purposes to fill large fish ponds. 

Please can you raise these concerns with the appropriate inspector of agent to identify if
Brian Smith of Tanghaligue, Talibon, Bohol is in compliance with local laws?

I must point out that Brian Smith is a foreigner living in Bohol with a youtube channel and the concern is that he is showing to a world wide audience “how to farm for profit” and by not having the correct licenses or permits is teaching other foreigners to disrespect our laws.

 Please note that Brian Smith of Tanghaligue, Talibon, Bohol has stated on several videos
published online through YouTube that foreigners don’t need permits as the government don’t do their required checks.

Listed below are several examples of videos from Brian Smiths YouTube channel “A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines” detailing the private fishponds and fish breeding tanks

Water Exchange Moving 100’s Of Fry And 100’s Of Fingerlings’

Hundreds More Fry Have Hatched

A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines YouTube Channel Link


I thank you for your time and consideration on this urgent matter


Please COPY AND PASTE the above and send it SEPARATELY to each of the following departments, and encourage whoever you are in contact with to do the same,
Each department needs to have their own separate email sent
Email Adress’s
[email protected]
Regional Fisheries Office
[email protected]
[email protected]
Regional Government
[email protected]
Again I stress that should be 4 SEPARATE emails that are sent, Just copy and paste the report for each

The Videos referred to in this matter are shown below

Water Exchange Moving 100’s Of Fry And 100’s Of Fingerlings

Hundreds More Fry Have Hatched

Can Brian Smith Prove he is a Successfull Farmer?

Can Brian Smith Prove G D Mead Wrong - 3?

A transcript of this email is available Here

Brian Smith - The Solar Panel Scam

Can Brian Smith Prove G D Mead Wrong - 1?

Can Brian Smith Prove G D Mead Wrong - 2?

Pulihog Dong/Dai Puede ba! (Speak Up)

A transcript of this email is available Here

Brian Smith - The Shrimp Pond Scam



Brian Smith has been telling his 30k plus subscribers that I am unable to ever return to the Philippines because I am under a cloud there and face execution?

Let’s see what the Court says about him telling you all that and then how he explains the hate mail I have received because of him saying that, ?

The story he told is so far from any kind of reality folks but I am now being personally harassed abused and threateNed by his viewers of that video and THAT ladies and gentlemen I will not accept.–WOULD YOU?—-would you ????? seriously.

We wish, on Geoff’s behalf, answer some questions that is frequently being asked, in the comments section of his videos, We have been following this issue since day one and this is our understanding.
 “What was your reason for creating the YouTube channel “A Foreigner Telling The Truth In The Philippines”?
When Geoff created it, The primary purpose was to be a vehicle to get his point across about issues he was having with “Brian Granville Smith” aka “A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines”. (See Here for the Background Story)

So why does he ask viewers to Like, Share and Subscribe you may ask ?

What it does is,
Likes – gain ranking in YouTube and they will recommend the channel to others with similar views.
Share – If you share links to this, it spreads the word to others.
Subscribe – If you subscribe, You will get notification when new videos are released.
The results of this do absolutely nothing to gain Adsense revenue – (You have to be registered for Adsense in order to claim it) – Geoff is not Registered for Adsense.
He has clearly stated many times that the channel is not and will not be monetised.
So any claims that he is doing it for the Adsense money is false.
This channel is privately funded by Geoff himself.
He also has said that once this is over, he will delete it.
We hope that clarifies why Geoff always asks viewers to Like Share and Subscribe.

We noticed that there have been many people asking,
 “What Started all this?”
We shall try to address this question here.

Now we can see the lighter side of Geoff Mead

Geoff has recently build himself a YouTube studio.
(Before you ask, Yes it was in the budget 🙂 )
His dilemma is, what color should the back wall be painted ?
There was a suggestion that it should be a color that hides uneven surfaces.
Maybe this explains why Boss Hogg hasn’t painted the walls of his hovel Mansion

GD Meads Wall 

Boss Hoggs Wall

Well all the choices came in from his viewers and a draw was held live Online.
The winning color was ——- 


Okay Geoff, You asked for it,
Now You Live with it  😊


Well Mr G D Mead has finally managed to pull this off.

It is a very interesting chat and gives the view from the horses mouth so to say.

It refutes almost everything tha Brian Smith has been telling his viewers.

It was a bit long, but as we predicted, Mr Mead could not help himself and many times was talking over Mitch, who was trying to get his point accross (we think this guy likes the sound of his own voice) 🙂
This was obviously not liked by at least one viewer, who was brave enough to tell him to Shut Up and let Mitch get on with it. 🙂

Click on image to view the video

We believe this viewer was censored or timed out by Mead 🙂
But, as it is his channel, he can do as he pleases.

It is interesting viewing – and As We Say, You Be The Judge.

It's NOT The Truth

Mr Mead has done another video, this one just after the long one about “Is It Legal”

Another interesting video, it explains the laws and permits that Brian Smith (or his operations) needs the correct permits and/or licences.

To give balance

You make up your own mind

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