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Timothy Charles Kemp

Tim Kemp
Tim K
Thanks to Andy Omar Channel

Tim is a 40 Plus American who clases himself as a Veteran (Yet to be substanciated) and impregnated an 18 year old Province Girl.
He has a wife and kids in America and some other child somewherelse overseas.
Tim and his new young wife Krissy are building a large house right on the beach, in barangay Padre Burgos in Southern Letye.

He is continually ebegging for funds

Tim is now Missing In Action: 

Having told the teenage mother of his child that he was traveling to Manila for some urgent dental work.
He has dissapeared, Rumor is that he is now somewhere in the USA.

After nearly 7 months Tim has resurfaced – or has he?

Tim K The Pauper and The Pig

Credit for this video to
“The Raw Facts 26 November 2021”

Has Tim K resurfaced or not ?

Credit for this video to
“Tim K 27 January 2021”

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