Just Who Is Tilapia Dave?

AKA Tilapia Aquaponics

Tilapia Dave, as he has been nicknamed, is another eccentric Aussie. 

He hails from a suburb in Sydney in the State New South Wales.
In his daytime job it is believed that he is an electrician and as far as we can ascertain, Has Never Visited the Philippines.

This is a copy and paste about his experience. From a Brian Smith Video “Good Morning” February 2021.
 I have 20 years of research and 5 years of ACTUAL production experience in North East Thailand. (We would like to see something to support that claim)

 When Brian Smith didnt do what Dave wanted, he stopped funding of the tank project and went to GD Mead to try and get his equipment from that property.
There was also a rumor that there was some issue with some computers that Dave had sent to Gina to sell for him, however, we dont have any firm details on that arrangement.

Well it now appears that Tilapia Dave has done a complete 360 and is now again supporting Brian Smith (aka A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines).

 Although we have heard nothing official from Dave, He did say that he was prepared to share all the emails and details of his dealings with Brian, Jay and others, with us but has so far reneged on that promise.

Going by Daves latest comments on G D Meads and Brian’s videos, we can only think that Brian and Dave have kissed and made up.

We believe that he is also now involved in some way with the Bohol Ecco Farm and we can only wonder how long it will be until there is strife between Dave and them as this seems to be a pattern of his.

 We state here again that our offer to post all those documents here still stands

 Dave, if you disagree with any on the content here, please feel free to contact us and give your side of the story.

UPDATE 07;20/2021

Recently he posted a stange comment on a Boss Hogg Livestream, a copy and paste from that livestream is below..
This is not how we understood the stituation. Our understanding was that Dave would produce the copies of the emails and texts
Now he has changed his mind.

He has now somehow blamed it on the Mitch Saga, which had nothing to do with the origional issue.

One must now question,
Just who is Talapia Dave?
To us he just appears to be another Know all Troll.
Our investigations on just who is Talapia Dave is has uncovered some interesting things about him,
It appears he may not be who he makes out he is.
We shall bring this to you once we have confirmed our imformation is correct and unlike some of the supporters of the “A Foreigner Farming in the Philippines” Channel, make sure it doesnt infringe his legal rights

This was sent to us by a viewer, we have forwarded it to G D Mead and Mitch for comment.

We now have on record the following details:
First Name: Family Name: D.O.B: Street:Suburb: Post Code: Phone: Email:

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