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William Abrams

William Abrams Bio

William and Wenggay Abrams

Or is it, Doctor William Abrams?

Well, this is what he would have you believe.

Our investigation so far, hasn’t been able to find any records of this guy being a Doctor.

We also, can not find any evidence of him receiving

the “The Thomas Jefferson Award for Humanitarian Service” as he alleges  (Isn’t Photoshop a wonderful tool)


So rather than us reinvent the wheel (as the saying goes), we will  place links to those who can do a better job than us in exposing this expat.  

There has been a love, hate relationship between William Abrams and Mr Joe so we will leave it to him and A brit Farming in the Philippines to explain why he is on our list
Click on the credit below the videos view in HD

Meet Big Willie
 Credit for this video to
Ä Britt Farming in the Philippines”

Fraudster Dr Abrams
From the Mr Joe Channel

Abrams will be taken down  Credit for this video to
“The Mr Joe Show Philippines”

Message by busted Credit for this video to
“The Mr Joe Show Philippines”

Orders from my doctor
This Video has been deleted by the creator – It is still be available in cache 03 28 2021

Abrams plays the sick card
Credit for this video to
“The Mr Joe Show Philippines”

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